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UN Packaging

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We carry an assortment of UN Packaging for the transportation of dangerous goods. Our UN rated boxes, drums, & jerricans comply with applicable regulations in both Canada & USA, and by all modes of transport – Ground (TDG & 49 CFR), Air (IATA DGR) & Marine (IMDG Code). Whether you need 4G boxes, 4GV boxes, plastic UN jerricans, or X-rated steel drums – we have you covered. Open-head and tight-head UN drums in steel, plastic and fibreboard - various sizes & closures available. Kits for aerosols, paint cans, batteries and more. 95 kPa Plastic sealer bags – IATA compliant for air shipment of liquids. Absorbent material and many more dangerous goods packaging accessories. Custom UN 4G/4GV boxes and UN package testing available. Browse our UN packaging page for our full line of products.

UN Packaging FAQ
Combination UN Packaging, 4GV packaging, 4GV UN boxes, 4GV boxes

Combination UN Packaging

A packaging system which contains inner packaging(s) inside a single outer package - this outer package bears the
UN packaging code. The UN code remains valid provided inner packaging(s) are assembled as per the packing instructions. Two of the most commonly used combination packagings are: 4G & 4GV UN boxes. Browse our selection of both here:

Combination UN Packaging
single UN packaging, openhead UN packaging, tighthead UN packaging

Single UN Packaging

A packaging designed to solely contain dangerous goods. Unlike 4G/4GV boxes – combination packaging - no inner containers are required for a single packaging to perform its containment function; dangerous goods are therefore in direct contact with single UN packaging. Browse our selection here:

Single UN Packaging
Steel UN drums, steel UN Packaging, 1A2 UN drums, 1A1 UN rated drums

Steel UN Drums

Tight-head (1A1) steel UN drums and open-head (1A2) steel UN drums are available in sizes from 1 gallon – 55 gallons. Steel drums are one of the most versatile & reusable single packaging options. Unlined steel drums are the most cost-effective; phenolic lined steel & Epoxy phenolic lined steel UN drums provide maximum protection from oxidation and chemical degradation. Browse our selection of steel packaging options here:

UN Drums
Plastic UN jerricans, plastic UN packaging, 3H1 UN Packaging, plastic UN jerrycan

Plastic UN drums & UN jerricans

UN plastic drums & UN plastic jerricans provide a cheaper single UN packaging alternative to steel. One must ensure compatibility between chemicals and plastic single packaging – solvent-based chemicals & aliphatic hydrocarbons can permeate & degrade some plastics. Our specially designed plastic UN jerricans are made with barrier resin technology, which safely prevents these processes from occurring. Check specific chemical compatibility information & browse our selection of UN jerricans here:

UN Jerricans