UN Packaging Code

UN Packaging Code

Package Marking Definitions

Relative Density

Maximum relative density allowed for liquids. If not indicated, the maximum relative density is 1.2


Indicates packaging is intended for:

☑ Solids;
☑ Liquids, when in inner packagings (combination packaging)

Hydraulic Test Pressure

Maximum test pressure the packaging is approved for (in kilopascals); signifies packaging is intended for liquids.

Year of Manufacture

Noted by last two digits. Plastic drums (1H1 & 1H2) and jerricans (3H1 & 3H2) must also be marked with the month of manufacture on package.

UN packaging manufacture date

Country of Authorization

Country which approved the allocation of the UN marking; and where the package is manufactured.

UN Packaging Code
Indicates both the material & type of packaging.

UN packaging code, UN packaging material

UN Packaging Codes

1A1   Steel Drum, tight head

1A2   Steel Drum, open head

1B1   Aluminium Drum, tight head

1B2   Aluminium Drum, open head

1D    Plywood Drum

1G     Fibre Drum

1H1    Plastic Drum, tight head

1H2   Plastic Drum, open head

1N1    Metal Drum, tight head

1N2    Metal Drum, open head

3A1    Steel Jerrican, tight head

3A2   Steel Jerrican, open head

3H1   Plastic Jerrican, tight head

3H2   Plastic Jerrican, open head

4A    Steel Box

4B    Aluminium Box

4C1   Wooden Box, ordinary

4C2   Wooden Box, sift-proof

4D    Plywood Box

4F    Reconstituted Wood Box

4G    Fibreboard Box

5L2   Textile Bag, sift-proof

5L3   Textile Bag, water-resistant

5H1   Woven Plastic Bag, no inner lining

5H2   Woven Plastic Bag, sift-proof

5H3    Woven Plastic Bag, water-resistant

5H4   Plastic Bag, film

5M1   Paper Bag, multi-wall

5M2   Paper Bag, water-resistant

11B    Aluminum Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

13H3   Woven Plastic IBC, with liner

31HA1   Rigid Plastic IBC with Steel outer casing